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Elementary and High school.

Here is an example of a 52m2 classroom with 24 students. They are arranged in pairs to attend a lecture or a traditional class in a comfortable and organized way.

Collaborative study.

With 7018R wheels, 4611R wheels and flip charts with wheels, students can quickly form study groups with ease without generating too much noise.

Write, organize and charge the devices.

With Wallvision frames it is possible to make notes and fix warnings thanks to its ceramic coated steel surface. They have provision for outlets to charge tablets, smartphones and laptops and along with the backpack holders support books and hang backpacks, keeping the environment organized and functional.

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New furniture for a new education.

New concepts of education are beginning to be applied within the classroom. But for them to be efficient, they need a conducive environment for these new practices that require flexibility, mobility, interaction, and comfort. The furniture is fundamental in this process, providing mobility with minimum noise and maximum ease for students to modify the layout without wasting much time. Focusing on this new reality of schools, Metadil has developed products to offer the best to students and how to always be present in the best classrooms.

New Flip Chart.

The new Flip Chart frames with casters are easy to move around and organize the environment for group work. They have the writing surface in ceramic coated steel with very high resistance to scratch and easy cleaning.

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